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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Everyone has their own unique style. There are so many styles that can reflect you as one person. There’s modern, minimalistic, eclectic, boho, industrial, rustic, traditional, mid-century modern, and more. We could even combine two or more styles and incorporate them together in your space. Do you know what your style is?

I wanted to describe my style. In words, I would describe my style as coastal/hamptons mixed with modern. I love a light and airy atmosphere. Neutral shades, such as whites, grays, beige, are my favorite to work with as a foundation. And pairing that with shades of blue and greens brings the space to life, as well as touches of black (for fixtures and small details). I also like natural fibers such as jute; it provides a raw texture which gives a space depth.

Here are some photos that I love and blend together, makes up my style! I would love to hear what your style is like, or if you don’t know, I can help!

Design By: @amberinteriors

This living room looks so cozy. With the larger windows, it lets in the natural light and the white walls gives the space a light and airy feel.

Design 2 By: @modern_nest

These ceilings are so grand! I love this neutral palette and the waterfall island countertop dramatizes the space even more. I also like the black pendant lights that offsets the white.

Design By: @lfeenstra @treasureinthedetail @shelbieseyefordesign @royalefinishes

How cute is this sitting nook? I love the color with the offset of the oak wood sitting area. It is also so practical!

Design By: @thehavenlist

I love these natural wicker pendants. They give the room an organic feel and it brings warmth to the space. I always love to add blues to my design and this natural fiber rug is a great way to give the space color

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