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Behind Cai Staging and Design

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

My friend Berkeley recently helped me design my logo for my company. And it came out amazing! I wanted my logo to be simple, playful, and something to reflect my background. Cai is my family name, “Choy,” in Mandarin. I took Mandarin classes since the 8th grade I was called Cai GuiXian. When I learned how to write the characters of my name I showed my dad. On Christmas Day (the last Christmas before I left for college), my dad had a necklace made for each family member. It was a gold chain with the “Cai” emblem attached. This was a way to keep our family connected even though I would soon be far away. So that’s where I got the “Cai” from, and the “Staging and Design LLC” in gold to represent the chain.

The blue palm represents being born and raised in Hawai’i. Growing up in Hawai’I, I always loved the relaxed, natural beauty Hawai’I has to offer. It is truly humbling to live in Hawai’I, where others refer to as paradise and I get to refer to as home. The simple, blue palm leaf reminds me of home.

Cai Staging and Design LLC offers two services. From the design aspect, I love the idea of being able to help others create a space where they can wind down, relax, and enjoy the company of others. A space should reflect one’s personality, which is why I love design so much! Each person is different, and each project is different. Along with being able to help design an ideal space, I enjoy getting to know my client. From the staging aspect, I enjoy helping the seller market their listed home and attract a potential buyer. I truly believe that staging a listed home provides a visualization for potential buyers of what it could be like living in the space. I would love to help you for any of your interior design and staging needs!

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